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It has been almost a year since Ryan and I were married.  It's hard to believe, actually.  We were married on Christmas Eve, 2013.  Ryan has 5 kids from a previous marriage and I have twins from a previous marriage.

Ryan and I both work.  We have a modest home, a couple of doggies, and a big ass van.  It's the Nissan NV Passenger 3500 and really deserves a post all its own!

Since buying the house, we have remodeled almost the complete upstairs which is also a post in and of itself!

So what else... I can say that when it comes to soul mates, I have found mine.  After almost 15 years with the wrong person, it feels really, really good to be with the right one.

The kiddos:

Andrea, Kara, Lincoln, Naomi, Maddie, Mickie, Nolan

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