Monday, October 13, 2014

Post of Pics

I always say, "It's fine" to anything I feel I can't handle at the moment or whenever I am feeling overwhelmed.  This pic pretty much sums up my mantra. 

Some Birthday Pics at Chuck E Cheese.  PS-this was the lamest C.E.C. evah!!! (I mean the games were fun and the food was good.  But the mouse, Mr. Cheese...  LAME)

These are some pics from the fall festival we went to.  Got pumpkins, went through a corn maze, got a hay ride, played in the corn box.  FUN!!  Perfect day for it too.  The weather was beautiful.

(This fake spider nearly killed me when it jumped out at me.)  (I screamed like a girl.)


(Have you ever seen a more handsome man?)  (I haven't)

Corn Angels

OMG, too cute.

Awww.  Dada and Nolan

More Birthday pics with the family, including extended family from out of town!  20+ people, more than half of them were kids!  So fun.

We told the kids that they can add anything to the grocery list.  Kara has been most helpful with paper cups and corn holders.  The second to the last thing is string cheese (I know because as a mother, it's my job to know.  And Maddie told me that's what it was) and I helped with the word "applesauce" at the end.  I mean, what mom wouldn't want to go to the grocery store with this list?! 

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