Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Does it really matter when someone says "What the freak?" Instead of the actual "What the F***?" The latter is the strongest curse word (I think) and it gets thrown around all the time, but it's all good because if I substitute "freak" instead, I'm cool.  Would I be okay with my children saying "W.T.F."?  No, I wouldn't-even if they said "mom, I mean freak, not f***."  Because it's all about what is implied.

The reason I ponder this is because someone at church kept saying "what the freak?" the other day.  I mean, every other phrase... Does it really make a difference that he said freak?  The same thing was implied to me each time he said it and I started to get annoyed thinking just say it!

It's like when people say O.M.G. for "Oh My God", but will not say "God." (I don't either, which means I am as guilty as "freak" guy, I guess.) They will tell you that they are implying "Gawd" or "Gosh". 

Does the actual word matter that much that just changing a letter or two make it all sunshine and rainbows?  

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